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Blue Whale below the oceans surface

Listen To The Blue Whale In It’s Natural Habitat

Interesting Facts About The Blue Whale

▪ The largest and rarest species in the world.
▪ Found worldwide and is characterized by a long, smooth body and a tiny twelve-inch dorsal fin.
▪ Measures up to 108 feet long and weighs up to 180 tons.
▪ Lives to be approximately 80 years old.
▪ Ingests up to eight tons of krill per day.
▪ A baleen whale, instead of teeth, it has 300-400 baleen plates in its mouth.
▪ Gains 200 pounds per day when nursing; when finished with nursing, it will be almost 50 feet long and will add over 85 pounds per day.
▪ Swim 14 miles per hour (with bursts as fast as 30 mph)
▪ Protected since 1967, but it is still an endangered species!
▪ Estimated total number of between 7,000 and 13,000 worldwide.
Imagine the size of the majestic Blue Whale.

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